Förarintyg in English

The Inshore Diploma (in swedish Förarintyg) allows you to take the helm onboard! This course provides basic knowledge in navigation, seamanship and safety. The course consists of two full days where exciting practical boat training are included.

Learn the basics of boating during two amazing  full days. Boat practice  with mooring and navigation exercises are included. In an efficient and fast pace, we study  navigation,  collision regulations and safety at sea. During the practical boat training  you will try your new skills in real situations and much will fall into place. A inshore shows you have basic theoretical knowledge and ability to operate a leisure boat inshore and in coastal waters. The course concludes with an exam  of the NFB's förarintyg. When the exam  is done, hopefully you will have a big smile on your face and your new certificate in your  hand: The Inshore Yachtmaster Diploma (Förarintyg). In cooperation with Sjöklar Kustakademin.

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